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The Shower Head Store

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1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310, A162
Cheyenne, WY 82001

(307) 274-8920

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In 2016, we set out to meet this unfulfilled need - offering high quality metal shower heads at insanely competitive prices. That’s when The Shower Head Store and HammerHead Showers® was born. At The Shower Head Store, we only offer a limited selection of products that we’ve thoroughly used and tested. No, we are not the “Everything Store." And if these products don’t pass our strict quality and performance criteria, we won’t offer them. Our signature brand, HammerHead Showers®, is centered around your major pain points. We’ve taken the cheap plastic out of our products and replaced it with high quality metals, like lead-free brass and stainless steel. There are absolutely no quality shortcuts taken with HammerHead Showers®.