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Afterlife Tours, Inc.

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Founded 2016

We at Afterlife Tours, Inc. wanted to let everyone know some additional facts about us and our mission.

Over the years, some of the cemeteries have had periods of being abandoned.

During these times vandalism and storm damage has occurred. Many of the headstones have been decimated, moved, spray painted, or destroyed by nature.

Afterlife Tours, Inc. is giving a percentage of every ticket sold to Oakwood and Bluff City Cemeteries, to assist them in the preservation, and reconstruction, of this historic cemetery.

Even if you are a Skeptic or a True Believer of Ghosts... as long as you believe that cemeteries should be apart of our heritage, and local history... please support Afterlife Tours, Inc. with our mission.

When the current owners took over Oakwood cemetery it was overgrown. Meticulous mowing took weeks, just to find the headstones.

We at Afterlife Tours, Inc. look forward to meeting you, and for you to see first hand these beautiful cemeteries.

You may even have an experience of communicating with one or more of the resident's in the cemetery.

Please make your reservations today and help preserve Bluff City and Oakwood Cemeteries for generations yet to come!

We Offer Group Rates and Fundraising Opportunities.

Afterlife Tours, Inc.