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How to Access Westmont Village Information During This Trying Time

Jun 08, 2020 02:57PM ● By Cassidy Newberry
“We want our citizens to know that our staff has been interacting and communicating with area communities in an effort to stay aware of potential concerns during this trying time,” said Mayor Ron Gunter.  “We are also monitoring various media and communication channels regarding activity in the area.  If a situation arises that may impact our community, we will be sure to communicate that information as it becomes available.”
Village information is typically posted in the following ways:
Village Website - 
Village Facebook -
Police Facebook -
Nextdoor -
Twitter - @westmontilgov
Citizens can also sign up for NOTIFY ME to be notified when press releases and website updates are published on the Village website
“We encourage everyone to be safe,” added Gunter.  “Be sure to contact the Police Department if you witness any criminal behavior.  Do not hesitate - call 9-1-1.”
At the posting time of this press release, no curfew has been issued for the community.  Any updates will be posted to the Village website and social media pages, as needed.