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Neighbors of DuPage

Special Services for Senior Wellness

Apr 18, 2020 12:34PM ● By Vincent Prisco


It can be a confusing journey finding proper resources for Senior Care, and deciding upon proper facilities or homes that families know will be suitable to look after their loved ones. It can also be concerning for families who are long distance from their family members who are Senior Citizens.

From this list of information, Seniors and families can explore and find easier access to resources that cover and may answer questions about health and living. 

26 Frequently Asked Questions About Long-term Care

A Comprehensive Guide to Financial Assistance for Senior Care and Living Expenses

How Much Does a Senior Home Cost?

Aging in Place Design Checklist: How to Design Safe & Accessible Homes

Long-Distance Caregiving: How to Ensure Your Loved Ones are Safe at Home

Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home

A Senior Citizen's Guide To Aging At Home Safely And With Dignity

List of Common Diagnoses of Elderly

This list of resources along with further information is offered by Laura Carlson. Laura is a licensed counselor who started her website,, as a way of outreach. Through her own experience with diversity, she has made it her mission to let people know that they can endure any health condition by giving themselves the best care possible. 

For more information, visit Laura's website by clicking the link above.