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Enjoy the Shop, Dine and Discover Westmont Tour

Westmont offers our residents and guests a warm and friendly business community, many exciting community  events for all ages to enjoy as we  shop, dine and discover Westmont daily  Take this new “tour” of Westmont to learn how to shop, dine and discover Westmont with family and friends in fun and meaningful ways.

This “tour” is designed to build awareness of the value created when we each “shop, dine and discover Westmont” daily. When we shop, dine and discover Westmont, we strengthen our local economy. This translates directly into better funded schools, public services and stronger property values. This revenue stream also helps keep local real estate taxes in-check when additional revenues are received from local sales taxes and fees that then directly support Westmont.

Let’s start our tour of shop, dine and discover Westmont -

We can Shop a number of local independent businesses with staff that pride themselves on offering excellent products and services at an true value with a high level of customer service that makes you feel that “Warm Westmont Welcome” when you visit. Let’s demonstrate our support when we shop local!

We can Dine Around the World in Westmont and experience  the one-hundred plus dining establishments in Westmont with a range of menus that allows us to “dine around the world in Westmont” while staying right here in Westmont. We can strengthen Westmont by enjoying more meals here!

We can discover the Westmont Auto Mile, a world-class cluster of award winning dealerships and wonderful place to purchase your next new or used vehicle. The Westmont Auto Mile has donated over $317,000 in the past several years to support major community events here in Westmont. When we purchase a vehicle in Westmont, it comes back to support Westmont!

We can discover our one-of-a-kind businesses located in Westmont.  Take a moment and think about the places you do businesses that are truly one-of-a-kind and you love to visit. Keep exploring and you will discover much more of Westmont in new and fun ways!

We can discover the four hotels that go above and beyond to make guests feel comfortable in Westmont. This group can serve any type of travel needs and offer a range of services for any type of traveler. Have your business associates, family and friends stay in Westmont next time they visit!

We can discover our cultural cluster of dance and music studios that support a first-class education in the fine arts. When we support them we raise the bar for the quality of education available in Westmont!

We can discover our Westmont Park District, health clubs,  health care providers  for valuable resources that support the well-being  of all ages, as well as the key organizations that serve Westmont, including our Westmont Public Library, schools, our churches, our service organizations that all work together daily to strengthen the fabric and the success of Westmont.

Last, but not least, we can shop, dine and discover Westmont at our many community events run by our community organizations with strong village support and many volunteers that help make Westmont a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

We can continue this” tour” in a future edition. In the meantime please remember we each of us hold the power to influence the success of our community. Our ongoing success is not the responsibility of a few but rather of us all. We all help support our mutual success when shop, dine and discover Westmont on a daily basis. Let me also recommend that everyone use to discover local business and community organizational resources.

See you around Westmont,

Larry Forssberg,

Executive Director

Westmont Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau