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Neighbors of DuPage

Ice Storm Warning Issued for this Evening and Overnight

Feb 05, 2019 03:04PM ● By Hannah Ott

Aurora - The National Weather Service has issued an Ice Storm Warning beginning at 6 pm tonight, Tuesday, February 5, to 6am tomorrow. Significant icing is expected due to freezing rain and sleet. 

Traveling is strongly discouraged. If traveling is necessary, residents are encouraged to exercise extreme caution. The USDOT Federal Highway Administration found that icy roads cause an average of 151,944 crashes per year. In 2014, they estimated an average of 38,770 injuries and 559 deaths per year related to ice on the pavement. 

Consequently, downed wires and trees are possible during the ice storm. Residents should not get close to wires or attempt to clear down trees. 

Downed wires should be reported immediately to 911, along with any downed trees causing a safety concern. 

If downed trees are not causing an immediate threat to safety, contact your city's snow removal team. Residents of Aurora can contact the Aurora Snow Team for removal at 630-256-3698. 

The full Aurora Snow Team has been deployed this afternoon to salt roadways prior to the severe ice storm. Primary streets will be salted from curb to curb and residential streets will be salted in the middle.

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