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Neighbors of DuPage

New Club comes to Lace School thanks to The Gift of Carl Foundation

by Bob Johnson

Mighty Acorns is a stewardship-based environmental education program that has been offered throughout the Chicago region to 3rd - 5th grade students for over 20 years. The Mighty Acorns curriculum focuses on educating students about native prairie, woodland and wetland ecosystems in the Chicago region, as well as the key concepts of biodiversity, environmental health, and stewardship of land and water resources. Students adopt a natural area in their community or at their school and act as stewards of that site.

Nineteen years ago The Conservation Foundation started providing the Mighty Acorns program to schools in West Chicago, and now, in 2017-2018, will be serving over 1000 children in DuPage, Will, and LaSalle Counties.  Celebrating their 45th year, The Conservation Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving natural areas, restoring water quality, and promoting positive environmental initiatives in northeastern Illinois.

The Mighty Acorns is an after-school program at Lace School, which provides children the opportunity to discover nature and act as stewards in their own community.  In this first year, the students in Mighty Acorns have already been on one field to Water Fall Glen, and have two more field trips planned before the end of the year.  The children have learned how to identify animal tracks and had the opportunity to look at many different animal pelts. They also planted twelve oak trees on Lace School’s property.  To further explore water resources and native plants, the Mighty Acorn students are planning to build a small rain garden in the storm water retention area on the school property this spring.  

The Mighty Acorns at Lace School has been funded through the generosity of The Gift Of Carl Foundation. The Gift of Carl Foundation, which was incorporated in 2005, strives to provide additional learning opportunities to students in the areas of theater arts, literacy, music and the environment. The foundation was begun in memory of Carl Alan Vuillaume

Thank you Gift of Carl for providing such a wonderful opportunity to the students of Lace School!