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Darien School District #61 news

Invention Convention returns to Mark DeLay School

Calling all science enthusiasts and inventors!!!

Come to our “Invention Convention” at Mark DeLay School! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 1, 2018 From 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Once you’re here, you can stay for the DeLay/Lace PTA Meeting!

Family Literacy Night

On February 13, 2018 the Mark DeLay staff will host an evening of reading on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.  Plan for a night of Cozy Winter Reading with the students, parents, and staff.  The event will take place at the school from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Check for more details from Mark DeLay School on these upcoming events on the website.

District #61 Cross Country State Qualifiers

Students received certifications of 
recognition at the November board 
meeting. (Top, left to right) Shane
Hosty, Freddie Kuhlman, Quartus 
Rassi, Owen Fudacz, Max Fido,
Alex Bergman, Coach Jubeh. 
(Seated) Abby Petersen 

Students from Lace and Eisenhower Junior High School were recognized at the November Board of Education meeting for their accomplishments.  The following students completed their cross country season as State qualifiers and participated in the State Finals in October:

The District #61 runners at the state 
meet left to right: Shane Hosty,
Owen Fudacz, Andrew Petersen, 
Freddie Kuhlman, Max Fido, 
Alex Bergman, and Quartus Rassi


Owen Atkinson

Alex Bergman

Maximillian Fido

Owen Fudacz-5th grader at Lace

Shane Hosty

Freddy Kuhlman

Aidan Meyer-5th grader at Lace

Kayden Miller

Andrew Petersen-5th garder at Lace

Abby Petersen competed for 
Darien District #61 at the 
state meet. 

Quartus Rassi

Abby Petersen

Congratulation to the entire District #61 Cross Country team on a successful season and especially to the State qualifiers. 

Darien Vehicle Sticker design

The City of Darien, each year, has a new vehicle sticker that can be purchased and affixed to cars of homeowners in Darien.  This year the Darien Rotary Club solicited the help of students from Lace School to design the sticker, which will be on sale beginning January 1, 2018.  The sticker is the design of a 5th grade student from Lace School, Danielle Carson and represents her answer to the question:  What is Darien? The Darien Rotary Club presented Danielle with a copy of her sticker and a $25 gift card for her efforts.     

Stickers will be on sale at various locations including City Hall and District #61’s District Office.  Get your sticker and help spread the artistic talent of one of our very own students from the community.

Winter Preparation

When bad weather hits, how would you know school is closed?

We have a number of ways to communicate:

•         The Superintendent’s message will be sent through our auto-dial system.  All families who have provided us with information at registration are part of the system for phone and e-mail notification. Please notify your child’s school if your contact information changes.

•         Call your child’s school and listen to a voice message announcement.

•         Visit the website:

•         Check your e-mail for a District message.

•         Follow us on Twitter.  Our user name is DarienSD61.

•         Watch/Listen to the local news.

Yearly notification of building materials

Darien School District #61 is required to notify all parents, guardians, faculty, and staff of asbestos containing building materials present within the school buildings.  Over the years we have undertaken removal of these materials, however, some still remains in various locations within the buildings. 

These materials are periodically inspected and maintained intact and are safe to the occupants.  If you desire more information regarding these materials, please stop by your school office and they will provide you with the information.

School Fees for 2018-19

School fees were established when the Board of Education approved a three-year technology plan for the school district in FY 17.  At that time the decision was made to increase fees by $10 for all students and $40 for students the year that they receive a device.  Each subsequent year the students would pay the same fee that they paid in third and sixth grade with the K – second grade fee staying the same.

Grade         FY 19 Fees
K                 $150
1                 $150
2                 $150
3                 $191
4                 $191
5                 $161
6                 $287
7                 $287
8                 $282