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City of Darien news

Please help us keep fire hydrants clear of snow

Large snowfall can hide fire hydrants and make them difficult to find during an emergency.  The City encourages residents to clear fire hydrants nearest their residence or business of snow.  Firefighters need at least a three-foot clearance on all sides of the hydrant, including a pathway to the hydrant from the street.

By taking a little time to clear a hydrant you are helping the Fire Department, your neighbours and yourself in the event of an emergency. The local fire departments and City personnel also assist in clearing hydrants. If you have identified a snow buried fire hydrant and are unable to assist please call  630-353-8105.

Free Christmas tree pickup in January

The City of Darien has partnered with Advanced Disposal to provide free Christmas tree pick-up again this year. On the weeks of Jan. 8 and Jan. 15, Advanced Disposal will collect Christmas trees left in the parkway on your normal garbage day. For the trees to be picked up, they must be free of all ornamentation, including garland, lights and tinsel. If the tree is bagged, it will need a sticker to be picked up. If you have any questions regarding this program, call city hall at 630-852-5000.

Carbon monoxide problems increase along with snowfall

Local fire departments see an increase in the number of carbon monoxide incidents and detector activations during high snowfall, due to snow accumulation and buildup.

These types of incidents are a common problem when there are high snow drifts that block furnace vents and air intakes in some homes —predominantly homes that have newer, high-efficiency furnaces. These systems typically vent through the sill plate of a home, close to ground level through white PVC piping.  Drifting snow has the potential to block these vents, causing the furnace or water heater to stop operating. Some newer high-efficiency furnaces have automatic shutoffs that shut down a furnace when the vents are blocked, but many furnaces don’t. If they fail to shut down, carbon monoxide may back up in a home.

After any snowfall, it is important to inspect the area around the furnace and hot water heater vents to ensure that snow and ice are not blocking the safe operation of these fuel-burning devices. Vents and intake pipes should have a 3-foot clearance from snow, shrubs or other obstructions. Water heaters and dryer vents also should be cleared of snow to prevent possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

State law requires that all residential occupancies have carbon monoxide detectors installed by the property owner. More information regarding state statute requirements can be found at

Darien Police Department Emergency Messaging

The City of Darien Police Department now issues all urgent and emergency messages via Twitter. This has proven to be the most expedient way to get these messages out to our residents, compared to the Direct Connect, which can be problematic to send outside of office hours.

The City of Darien encourages all resident to sign up for the Darien Police Department Twitter messages on Twitter @DarienPolice

City of Darien winter parking regulations

There is no parking allowed on city streets during a snow event when snow or ice exceeds one inch.

Snowplows and other emergency vehicles must have access and ability to pass down streets; parked vehicles in the roadways inhibit these vehicles and block visibility.  In snow emergencies snowplows are able to more efficiently clear your street without parked vehicles obstructing the process.

We thank you for your cooperation and support!

A Warning on Unsafe Ice

DuPage County Forest Preserve District is warning outdoor enthusiasts to be cautious about stepping out onto the ice. As ice melts and refreezes during late winter it may become porous, weak and unable to support activity regardless of its thickness.  Look for cracks, ridges or faults in the ice; differently colored ice (especially dark gray or black); open water in the center of an otherwise frozen lake; ice that looks rotten or porous; and ice covered by water or slush for signs that the ice might be unsafe.

In any outdoor emergency, call 911 for help. To reach Forest Preserve District of DuPage County police, call (630) 933-7240.

Prevent Water Lines from Freezing

All residents should take precautions to keep water supply lines in your homes from freezing during extreme cold. You should let the water trickle in plumbing lines or fixtures that face north or west exterior walls. This helps to prevent water from freezing within the wall.

Additionally, the City would like to remind residents that if you are going to be leaving town for an extended amount of time during the winter season, that you should set the hot water tank to pilot and maintain the heating system at a 60 degree range. We also encourage shutting off your water at the meter and relieving the pressure from the pipes by turning on a couple of faucets at the lowest point.