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Darien Public Schools budget update

Sep 07, 2017 10:37AM ● By Ben Scott

There has be a great deal of conversation about the financial condition of the State of Illinois over the last few months.  At the time this article is submitted for print we remain uncertain of the direction the State will be taking with funding education.  As of August 1st the State of Illinois owes District #61 $653,086 for mandated expenses for Special Education, Bilingual Education and Transportation.

By the time you are reading this, it is my hope that the State has made some decisions on funding public education and the money owed the District has been paid.

Either way the District is required to prepare a budget for FY 18 and this was presented to the Board of Education at the July Board meeting. The FY 18 Tentative Budget has been on display, for community review, and will remain on display until the September 26, 2017 Board of Education meeting.  Anyone wishing to review the budget can contact the District Office at 630-650-7502 to obtain a copy of the tentative budget. The tentative budget is available on the District website,, under About D61.

The final budget will be voted on at the September 26, 2017 Board of Education meeting after the Board conducts a public hearing on the budget.  We have a budget that indicates a deficit; however, because the District has sufficient fund balances, a budget reduction plan is not required by the State of Illinois.  Upon approval the District will continue to monitor the budget, revenue and expenses, on a regular basis.