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Sep 07, 2017 10:17AM ● By Ben Scott

City of Darien Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program Ends in September

As approved by a voter referendum, the City has managed an Electricity Aggregation program since 2012. This program enabled the City to negotiate lower electric rates than ComEd for residents’ home and small businesses’ electric bills by aggregating the community’s electricity usage. The average single family homeowner who stayed with the program since 2012 has realized $370 in savings.

The City recently sought bids to renew the Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program expiring September 2017.  However, the City did not receive any bids that were lower than the ComEd base rate. Hence, the City is in the process of suspending the Electricity Aggregation Program since savings could not be guaranteed.  All resident and small business accounts currently in the program will automatically be returned to ComEd following meter readings in September.  No action is needed on your part to revert back to ComEd.

All resident and small business accounts currently in the program will receive a letter from ComEd in August titled “Electric Supplier Choice – Confirmation of Drop” informing you that your account will switch back to ComEd.  Again, no action is needed on your part.  Please note: no one from the City or the City’s aggregation supplier will contact you by phone or in person. All communication about the City’s program will be communicated through the mail. If a solicitor indicates they are associated with a City program, residents are advised to contact the City.

Also, it is recommended that you not share your ComEd account number with a solicitor, unless you have decided to move to that supplier.  Unscrupulous solicitors are able to move your account if they learn the account number. Consumer complaints against alternative utilities suppliers and solicitors should be reported to the Illinois Commerce Commission for remediation, visit or by calling 1-800-524-0795.

You are free to select any supplier you so desire; however, it is advised that when considering any solicitation avoid variable rates, early termination fees and additional monthly fees that may be associated with offers. A list of current offerings is available at

For questions about the program, you may contact the Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative (NIMEC) at 800-727-3820 or call Bryon Vana, Darien City Administrator, at 630-353-8114.

Last branch pickup for 2017 is Oct. 23

The City of Darien is pleased to be able to offer FREE BRANCH PICKUP for all residents within our boundaries. The last branch pickup this year is the week of Oct. 23 through 27. To help keep the streets clean and our crews on schedule, please stack the branches neatly by the curb on the Sunday before the pickup week. The chipper can accept branches up to 6" in diameter. Please do not tie the branches or put them in garbage cans. All other yard waste such as grass clippings and fl owers should be disposed of through our yard waste program with Advanced Disposal.

All branches need to be out no later than the Sunday night prior to the designated pick up week. The chipping crew can make only one pass and may complete your street as soon as Monday morning.

Residents can also take their branches to the Municipal Services Facility, located at 1041 S. Frontage Rd., and place at the designated location, labeled as “Branches”. Branches will be accepted seven days a week from 5am until 11pm. Landscape companies hired to help with your branches may also take them to Municipal Services.

If you have any questions regarding branch pick up, please contact Municipal Services at 630-353-8105.

Fall leaf pickup begins in October

The City of Darien will again be providing fall leaf pickup FREE OF CHARGE to residents. The program will run from Oct. 15–Dec. 15 of this year, and will take place weekly on your normal garbage day. The leaves should be placed in brown kraft paper yard waste bags or in plastic garbage cans. If you use garbage cans, please place “YARD WASTE ONLY” labels on the cans so the driver can identify them as leaf pick-up. (These labels are available at city hall) Residents are not permitted to rake leaves into the street. Raking leaves into the street can cause serious local flooding for you and your neighbors. If you have any questions, please call 630-852-2000.

Replace your mailbox

The City of Darien offers its residents an opportunity to replace their old mailbox. Residents may purchase the mailbox pictured above through the City of Darien for $95.38, and have it installed by Municipal Services at no charge. Those wishing to participate in the program should call Municipal Services at 630-353-8105.

No solicitors, please!

Each year at this time, we see an increase in door-to-door solicitations in our neighborhoods. Residents who do not want solicitors to ring their doorbells should post a sign on their front door indicating “No Solicitors Invited.” Darien requires that solicitations from for profit organizations need to apply for a permit, which includes an application for each solicitor they employ. Once the permit application is completed and submitted including authorization from the company, a background check is conducted. Upon approval and receipt of the appropriate fee, a thirty-day permit will be issued.

Charitable organizations, however, only need to provide a letter indicating the dates of solicitation, the type of solicitation, and if appropriate, the intersections where volunteers will be posted. The city does not have the ability to regulate or conduct background checks on solicitors who conduct missionary and political solicitation, which was decided by the Supreme Court a few years ago (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York vs. Village of Stratton, Ohio). The constitution protects the right of solicitors such as missionaries and politicians to knock on doors without first getting permission from local authorities.

In the doorstep-solicitation case, the court reasoned that the First Amendment right to free speech includes the entitlement to take a message directly to someone’s door and that the right cannot be limited by a requirement to register by name ahead of time.

Residents who would like to deter solicitors from their home, may pick up a “No Solicitors Invited” decal for their front door at City Hall (1702 Plainfield Rd.) or the Darien Police Department, 1710 Plainfield Rd.