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Meet the Smart Service Team at WJHS

Aug 01, 2017 08:30AM ● By Ben Scott

At Westmont Junior High School, all students have a Chromebook to use both in school and at home. This is an amazing learning opportunity for both students and teachers. Yet, when implementing the 1:1 initiative, the need arises for more maintenance, management and repairs of the Chromebooks. How will this happen? The solution to this need is the Smart Service Team. The model for this program is based on the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. This program has been designed to have the students trained to work on the Smart Service Team during E-period. The program is facilitated by Jeremy Bautista from the tech department and Ms. Ruh, the media specialist. Students are then trained to be able to complete the maintenance, management and repairs as needed. This gives the students experience with business, communication and technical applications for the future. Each year the experienced students then mentor new students to keep the Smart Service Team evolving with new students always being trained and prepared to take over for the older students when they graduate. Watch out Apple, maybe one day our Smart Service Team members will be “Geniuses” in your stores!