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Neighbors of DuPage

Naper Settlement debuts the award-winning documentary short “Finding Cleveland: A Documentary Film Where Far East Meets Deep South”

Mar 17, 2017 10:35AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

“The Chiu Family visiting the grave of Charles Chiu's father, KC Lou, for the first time in Cleveland, MS.” Pictured L-R: Edwin Chiu, Charles Chiu, Caliya Chiu, Baldwin Chiu

Naperville, IL - As part of a national tour, husband-wife filmmakers, Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu, bring their award-winning documentary short to Naper Settlement, one of two Chicagoland locations to debut the film. “Finding Cleveland” follows Charles Chiu, left behind in China as a baby, on his search for the father that he never knew. With his family, they venture on an emotional journey to Cleveland, Mississippi, where they find familial roots and a part of American history that is little told. This film speaks to the importance of knowing one’s history and the important role that museums play in preserving and sharing the past, so that we might better understand. “Finding Cleveland: A Documentary Film Where Far East Meets Deep South” will take place April 2 from 4-5:30 p.m. at 523 S. Webster St. Naperville, IL. Following the film will be a panel discussion featuring the filmmakers, museum experts and historians. Admission is free, but seating is limited. Reservations are strongly recommended. For more information, visit or call 630-420-6010.

“What started out as a quest to discover our family history led to our discovery of the racism that existed in the pre-Civil rights south amidst the Chinese Exclusion Act,” said Baldwin Chiu. “This film documents the resolve of the early Chinese immigrants to overcome the challenges of the time.”

Even though the film focuses on the story of the Chinese in the Mississippi Delta in the early to mid-1900s, many of the issues facing immigrants and the Chinese still exist throughout American today. “Finding Cleveland” is an eye-opening film that sparks needed conversation about what we can learn from the past to bring more understanding into today’s society.

“The film and the issues that it presents are important pieces of history that echo through time and are particularly relevant today,” said Naper Settlement’s Vice President for Community Engagement and Audience, Donna Sack. “We are so glad that Naperville resident, Esther Wong, brought the story to our attention. Through her connections to the filmmakers, Naper Settlement, along with a showing in Chinatown, are the only locations to debut the film in the Chicago Metropolitan area.”  

Larissa Lam is an award-winning singer/songwriter. She composed the musical score for the film and performs regularly in noted venues across the country. Baldwin is also a recognized rap artist who performs as Only Won.