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NV Ultimate Club shoe drive stocks shelter with 275 pairs

Nov 07, 2016 10:43AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

With winter approaching, a group of athletes in Naperville decided to take action and fill a community need. To benefit those in need at the Hesed House in Aurora, the NV Ultimate Club held a shoe collection drive. On Thursday, Nov. 3, a representative delivered 275 pairs of footwear.

Hesed House is a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating the plight of poor and homeless families and individuals founded over 33 years ago by the community, for the community. It is a comprehensive homeless resource center that offers everything a homeless person needs to get back on their feet again. Although their first goal is to meet a person’s most basic needs, their second and equally important goal, is to return homeless clients to independent living. They do this with without judgment with their experienced staff and partner agencies by addressing the issues that make a person homeless in the first place.

The NV Ultimate Frisbee fall league players, from 4th to 12th grade, collected dress shoes, sneakers, cleats, and winter boots from friends and neighbors. Several players then categorized the shoes by type and size. Hesed House will distribute the shoes to those in need.

Ultimate Frisbee is not your normal game of catch with a disc. Nor is it remotely related to the game of Disc Golf (or frisbee golf). The game of Ultimate Frisbee is a terrifically athletic game. It is an extremely physical sport requiring a great deal of running, jumping, and agility.  The game is a combination of soccer, football, and basketball in that you have a field the length of a football field and the object is to score enough "points" in order to win the game. It is an up-and-coming sport which has grown in popularity over the past few years. More than 5 million people play the game in America now, including professional teams in major cities.  

Furthermore, the game is based on sportsmanship.  At the high school level there are no referees - the players on the field serve to regulate the match. In fact, the coaches cannot rule on a call during a game - the 14 players on the field at that time have to work it out. This is part of the allure of the game. Much like golf, it calls on a player’s integrity and sense of fair play.

Started in 2007, NV Ultimate has been gaining in popularity and today has over 200 players.  The NV Ultimate community is all about supporting each other and respecting each other.  To take this same value off the field, the teams decided to support a Shoe Drive. According to club founder and head coach Arnoush Javaherian (aka "Java"), “One of our core vales is to create an environment in which players can grow not only as Ultimate players, but also as people. What better way to help our players grow as people than to perform an off-field charitable event!”

“We plan to continue this spirit of community involvement going forward, and will be looking for other projects where we can make a difference”, said Kyle Sands, one of the leaders of the shoe drive effort.

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