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Neighbors of DuPage

Storm drain education project a big success!

Jun 09, 2016 08:27AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

“We want to thank all of the volunteers who came out and participated in this event,” said Westmont First Volunteer Jim Wright, who was the driving force behind the project. “This is exactly the type of thing that Westmont First likes to get involved with.”

On May 7, more than 30 volunteers assisted Westmont Public Works staff with the labeling of storm drains throughout the community. Staff and volunteers identified and labeled 264 storm drains with educational information that alerts citizens to not put harmful materials into our storm sewers, which ultimately affects our water supply. This was a cooperative project that included the Westmont First Committee, Environmental Improvement Commission, Westmont Public Works Department, DuPage Conservation Foundation, SCARCE, and the DuPage Foundation.

SCARCE assisted with the project by providing more than 300 storm drain medallions and adhesive. The medallions are about 3 inches in diameter and educate citizens to not pour any liquids into storm drains. “Only water should go down storm drains,” said Kay McKean, Director of SCARCE. “We need to do our best to make sure residents know that liquids such as gasoline, paint, and oils are harmful to our water supply. Many people don’t know that pouring anything but water into a storm water drain violates federal law.”

The educational medallions were part of the $15,000 grant that SCARCE received from the DuPage Foundation to provide funding for initiatives that improve water, soil, and air quality in DuPage County. Funds have supported a variety of initiatives including composting projects, pumpkin composting, no idling educational information, storm drain education, reducing mercury, and more. Downers Grove, Warrenville, Woodridge, and Westmont all participated in the storm drain education initiative receiving a total of 1450 medallions. The Village of Westmont thanks everyone involved with making this event a success.