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Neighbors of DuPage

Protect yourself from scams

Nov 09, 2015 12:11PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

There have been many scams reported to the Darien Police this year.  Some of these reported Scams included:

·         Gypsy related criminal activities including: Home repair fraud, Distracted (RUSE) entry burglaries, Residential burglaries (stealing valuables from homes such as jewelry, money, other personal belongings)

·         Males knocking at a door claiming to be from the Darien city water department

·         Males knocking at a door claiming to be from Comcast cable

·         Callers claiming to be from the IRS, threatening arrest form past due taxes and demanding credit card numbers

·         Callers claiming to be from Microsoft and asking for personal information or to remote access your computer

·         Males calling residents claiming to be a federal agent and threaten arrest for some alleged crime unless payment is made

·         Males calling residents claiming to be a relative under arrest in another state or country and in need of bond money

How to protect yourself:
NEVER give out any personal information on the phone, especially when you do not initiate the call.

The City of Darien has an ordinance against soliciting! Anyone wishing to go door to door to sell or solicit MUST have a SOLICITOR PERMIT from the City of Darien. If in doubt call 911!

Never allow someone to perform driveway sealing or home repairs on the spot. Ask for business cards and check on their business reputation; end the conversation! Scammers will press a sense of urgency to get the homeowner to immediately accept their proposal, whereas a reputable company will let you check their references!

Never let someone into your home. Keep your storm or screen door locked at all times. This will provide a secured barrier.

Do not allow anyone entry to your residence that you have not personally contacted and arranged an appointment. If someone claims they need assistance, tell them you will contact the police and have them wait outside not in your home! If they say they are with a utility company, call the utility company to verify the work, or call the police.

If you are approached while you are outside your home, do not let anyone roam your yard or property. This will give them an opportunity to check for open doors and windows while you are being distracted.

When in doubt let us check it out! For any police presence please call 9-1-1