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Neighbors of DuPage

It will be here before you know it...

Nov 09, 2015 12:04PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Keep your sidewalks clean
Residents are encouraged to clear their sidewalk after any measurable snowfall this winter. Leaving snow and ice on sidewalks presents a safety hazard to children and residents who walk to school, the bus stop, or work. When sidewalks are not shoveled, pedestrians tend to walk on streets, which increases their risk of being struck by a vehicle.

When are the streets plowed?
The Public Works and Police Departments check streets and monitor a weather channel so snowremoval crews can be dispatched out on the streets prior to snow or icy conditions occurring. Trucks stay out until all streets and cul-de-sacs are cleared.

When is salt used on the streets?
Salt is spread on streets when rain changes to sleet and ice or when snow accumulation is less than one inch. If there is more than one inch, snow is cleared and salt is put down. The city plows and salts all intersections, streets and cul-de-sacs.

What are the parking restrictions during a snowstorm?
A “snow emergency” is declared when snowfall exceeds one inch during a 24-hour period. No parking is allowed on any city street when this occurs until the snowfall has ceased and plowing operations are completed.

The city cautions residents not to park their cars in the street while shoveling their driveways, since this impedes snowplows trying to clear your streets. Please shovel driveways from side to side in order to avoid placing snow in the streets and ensure that garbage cans are not put in the street during a snowstorm.

Will the city be able to plow my street if there is a medical emergency?
Anyone who has a medical emergency should phone 911. The dispatcher will contact public works to ensure that your street is cleared to enable a quick response for any emergency.

Why doesn’t the city plow certain streets?
Plainfield Rd., Cass Ave., Lemont Rd. and 75th St. are county roads and are plowed by the DuPage County Highway Department. Frontage roads are under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). Other roads that are considered “private,” establish plowing service contracts via their management company.

Are any sidewalks plowed?
In order for residents, children and patrons to utilize city sidewalks to schools, shopping and exercise parks, the City of Darien maintains a policy of plowing primary route sidewalks throughout the city. The city utilizes two pieces of equipment to plow approximate 21 miles of sidewalks. The sidewalk operations commence after one inch of snow has fallen, and continue until all the snow is removed from these routes:

Clarendon Hills Rd. from 67th to 75th St. (both sides)

67th St.—East of Cass to Wilmette (both sides)

Cass Ave,—67th to Frontage (both sides)

Plainfield Rd.—Route 83 to Manning Rd. (both sides)

75th St.—Route 83 to Lemont Rd. (both sides)

Manning Rd.—Plainfield to 75th St. (both sides)

Fairview Manning to 75th St. (both sides)

Bailey Rd.—Plainfield to Frontage (both sides)

Frontage Rd.—Bailey to Oldfield Rd. (north)

Oldfield Rd.—Frontage Road to Meyers Woods Park


If you have any questions, please call 630-353-8105.