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Nursery Decor Handmade with Love

Oct 26, 2015 05:30AM ● By Family Features
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Whether you’re working on a budget or simply looking to infuse a little handmade love, DIY projects can bring a special heartfelt touch to a baby’s nursery.

Themes for a nursery range far and wide: everything from bold patterns and shapes to animals and objects representing favorite pastimes. You can go completely DIY and make items such as the crib skirt, bedding and curtains by hand, or you can expand on pieces you purchase with creative accessories such as this wall art or mobile, both created by the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Each can be fully customized to match the color scheme and theme you have selected to welcome your little one.

Hot Air Balloon Mobile
Crafting time: 1-2 hours
Skill level: Some experience necessary

Supplies and Tools:

  • Hot air balloon templates
  • 1          fat quarter each of 3 patterns (sample used Straw Hat Grey, Tweetly Tweet Blue and Flower Bed Blue by Cloud 9 Fabrics)
  • 1          package Pellon Perfect Loft Cluster Fiber Fill
  • 1          package Pellon 987F Fusible Fleece
  • 1          package Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex
  • 1          package Pellon 72F Peltex II
  • 1          craft-sized package Pellon Nature’s Touch White Cotton Batting
  • embroidery thread
  • dowel, embroidery hoop or stick for hanging

Print and cut out templates found at (search by project name). Trace 2 balloon templates onto wrong side of each patterned fabric and cut out. Trace 6 balloon templates onto fleece and cut out 1/4-inch smaller than traced line. Fuse one piece of fleece to wrong side of each balloon cutout.

Determine layout of fabrics. Place first two right side together (RST) and sew 1/8-inch seam along one edge. Continue until all pieces have been joined, making sure to leave a 3-inch gap along one seam for turning.

Turn right side out through gap. Using embroidery thread, add loop to top and bottom of balloon for hanging and to add basket.

Using fiber fill, stuff balloon to desired level. Hand stitch opening closed.

Cut two 1-by-3-inch rectangles of fabric and one 1-by-3 rectangle of Peltex II for balloon basket. Place fabric rectangles wrong sides together with Peltex II in between and fuse. Stitch 1/8-inch seam around all edges with zig zag or satin stitch.

To form basket, bring short ends together and hand stitch in place. Connect basket to bottom of balloon with embroidery thread.

Fuse Shape-Flex to one side of batting. Trace small and large cloud templates twice onto Shape-Flex then flip and repeat. Carefully cut out all eight cloud pieces. Embroider or decorate as desired.

Place two coordinating pieces with Shape-Flex sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a small gap. Stuff with fiber fill to desired level and sew gap closed. Repeat with remaining clouds.

Use embroidery thread to attach balloons and clouds to dowel, stick or embroidery hoop to create mobile.

Geo Art Wall Canvases
Crafting time: 3-5 hours
Skill level: No experience necessary

Supplies and Tools:

  • 3 12-by-12-inch canvases
  • FolkArtHome Decor Chalk in Grey
  • black permanent markers
  • printed art icon of choice
  • foam brushes
  • Mod Podge

Paint entire canvas grey. Allow to dry. Apply additional coats if needed.

Use markers to draw geometric shapes all over canvas. Allow to dry.

Choose and cut out icon from printed art.

Apply light coat of Mod Podge to back of art and adhere to canvas.

Apply thick coat of Mod Podge over entire canvas. Make sure to push out any air bubbles from under paper. Allow to dry.

Explore more ideas to personalize your baby's nursery at

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