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Social responsibility in Westmont

Oct 07, 2015 12:28PM ● By Neighbors Magazines
The theme of this edition of Neighbors of Westmont Magazine is social responsibility; what an
important topic for community discussion. When discussing this topic, it is important to place these comments in context since there are many levels of social responsibility. Within every community of individuals, not-for-profit community organizations, schools, businesses and government, social responsibility is a part of the overall community DNA. In Westmont, the level of social responsibility is strong and growing and here are just a few examples:

Westmont Auto Mile has invested over $300,000 since 2010 to support our community
events like the Taste of Westmont, Holly Days and our annual fireworks display. 
Westmont Chamber of Commerce and Tourism began an education foundation in 2009 and just this past year donated $10,000 in scholarships to area students. The chamber
will also coordinate a community-wide food drive in support of the People’s Resource
Centre on Sept. 16 through Oct. 24, which is Make a Difference Day in the United States!
Westmont Lions Club donates funds to support local individuals with vision needs, student
scholarships and supports local events.
Westmont Rotary Club is working to eradicate polio around the world and also supports
local students with scholarships and coordinates an international student exchange and
dictionary programs.
Peoples Resource Centre with a Westmont location helps those in need with a food
pantry, job interview and training skills, clothes and access to technology.
Westmont based churches are highly engaged in the community with spiritual leadership
and fundraising events and programs that support a wide range of social needs.
Westmont First The mission of Westmont First is to invite residents, businesses, and
the village to work together in an effort to build community spirit through supporting
Westmont businesses, volunteer opportunities, and local charities. Westmont First has an
on-going commitment to the entire community. The motto of Westmont First is: Together,
we can accomplish great things.
Westmont American Legion, VFW and DuPage County Disabled American Veterans help our veterans with a wide range of social, health and networking needs.
Westmont schools and library play a large role in serving the needs of our children and
providing the platform to fully engage our families in the community on multiple levels.
Federal, state, county and local government plays a leadership role in social
responsibility though the development and funding of important programs like local mealson
wheels, social security and health care programs.
But for lacking the space, we could highlight at least a dozen more examples of individuals and organizations that strengthen the commitment to Social responsibility in Westmont. Now with that said, social responsibility is ever evolving and the balance can be challenging between needs and resources so we must always work being engaged within our community. Please continue or become engaged in the Westmont on all levels and help to make a positive difference in our social, cultural and ecological ways. If you are looking for ways to be more involved in Westmont, please call me at 630-960-5553 and we can discuss multiple options.
Remember to shop, dine and discover Westmont daily to keep our community strong and growing.

See you in Westmont!

Larry Forssberg,
Executive Director, Westmont Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau

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