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Neighbors of DuPage

Third generation Westmont resident practices social responsibility

Oct 06, 2015 01:24PM ● By Katelyn Nelson

You may recognize Lynn Gustofson from dropping the kids off at the Westmont High School where she volunteers as a crossing guard. Or maybe you saw Gustofson when you picked up a hot dog or popcorn from the concession stand during a Westmont High School football game. Her commitment to the youth in Westmont is evident in the many ways she shares her talents. This is “social responsibility.”

Lynn Gustofson, born in Westmont in 1967, gives back to the community through many avenues of social responsibility. A third generation Westmont resident, Gustofson recalls her first experience giving back to the community in 8th grade at Holy Trinity School (HTS), where she continues to remain involved today.  She was asked to give a reading at the all-school mass and become a lector. According to Gustofson, “It was an opportunity to meet all the parishioners. It opened up many doors.” From then on Gustofson has remained involved in organizations throughout Westmont. In the past she has participated in the Holy Trinity Church choir and was a Girl Scout Leader.

Gustofson remains involved at HTS through participation in the Holy Trinity Parent School Organization (PSO), where she serves as president and has been an active member for 12 years. Gustofson recalls overhearing several 8th graders share their excitement for the annual Fun Fair event, with one another. “That’s what drives me. That’s what motivates me. These events are planned as a way to build a community within the parish and to help parents and kids to develop long lasting friendships with other Holy Trinity families.” In addition to her work with the PSO, Gustofson assists the 6th grade volleyball coach.

For Gustofson giving does as much for her as it does for those she helps. “I’m a people person. I’ve always been a people person. I’ve always enjoyed giving back to the community just for the mere satisfaction of seeing the smiles on people’s faces.” Gustofson continues to serve Westmont and encourage social responsibility with everyone she meets.