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New student grant enriches student's music education

Sep 30, 2015 12:30PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

The JCS Fund of the DuPage Foundation, a donor-advised fund, awarded 16 grants this summer as part of its 2015-16 Young People’s Music Initiative. The sponsors of the JCS Fund Young People’s Music Initiative believe that young people who play, hear and appreciate classical and orchestral music lead better, more successful and rewarding lives. The sponsors support preschool, elementary, and high school instrumental music programs that provide long-term student benefits. Grants were only made in support of instrumental music programs, which was a stipulation of this year’s grant criteria.

“As a result of budget constraints, schools throughout DuPage have been forced to reduce funding for instrumental music programs,” said Barb Szczepaniak, Foundation director of programs. “The Young People’s Music Initiative grants awarded over the past few years have helped fill the gap and have enriched the music education of thousands of students in our community. The grants to purchase and repair musical instruments are

particularly impactful for low-income children whose families do not have the funds to purchase or rent instruments in order to participate in band or orchestra. Master classes provide students with the opportunity to improve their technical skills by working closely with high quality musical professionals. Ultimately, the expanded exposure to music programs through these grants is helping children develop a life-long interest in and love for music.”

The JCS Fund was established as an affiliate fund of the DuPage Foundation in February 2013. Its mission is to support art, music, cultural, health, and educational organizations serving the needs of residents of DuPage County, with a particular emphasis on programs that provide long-term benefits. The JCS Fund also has discretion to support charitable organizations serving other communities if it determines

that the goals of these organizations are consistent with the Fund’s charitable interests.