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Blue Diamond Wealth Management cares about your street, not Wall Street

Sep 11, 2015 10:04AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Discussing client needs.

Angelo Imbrogno, the Founder and President of Blue Diamond Wealth Management grew up in Darien. As a Darien native, Angelo knew in 2004, when he opened his own financial planning practice where it had to be – Darien. When you meet Angelo for the first time you get the immediate sense that he cares about you as a person. He wants to focus on your individual financial needs and how to achieve your goals. Talking with Angelo it becomes clear that his business approach comes from his character, his upbringing and the people that have mentored him as a business entrepreneur. 

Blue Diamond Founder and President: Angelo R. Imbrogno.

 When asked where the name Blue Diamond came from, Angelo replied, “You need four items to come together perfectly to create a first class diamond. First you start with the element of carbon, add extreme heat, extreme pressure and a great deal of time. If any of these items are missing or they are out of balance you don’t create a diamond – one of the strongest naturally occurring substances on Earth”. Further he described that each person on his team brings a different expertise to the firm and in a way represent the diamond elements with their strengths. “Blue Diamonds are the rarest of colored diamonds. They have qualities no other diamonds have. That’s how I view our company. We are unique. We offer benefits rarely found from others and that's how we differentiate ourselves from our competition”, states Angelo. Blue Diamond focuses on personalized customer service and combines it with first class fundamental and technical analysis.

Angelo’s life was highly influenced by his father, Lois Imrogno. Both of Angelo’s parents came to this country from Italy in 1962. Louis Imbrogno worked as a tailor first for Kuppenheimer & Co., then a custom tailor and then opened his own tailor shop, Louis' for Men, in Downers Grove in 1973. Angelo’s brother now runs the business and their father still works a few days a week. 

The Blue Diamond Team. Left to Right:
Ledion Isufi, Angelo R. Imbrogno,
Jeanne Puterbaugh.

 Blue Diamond Wealth Management is affiliated with LPL Financial. LPL Financial is the largest group of Independent Advisors with over 14,000 advisors. As an independent firm, Blue Diamond Wealth Management does not represent any proprietary products or research. This gives them a truly independent and flexible platform so they can design a custom financial plan for each of their clients free from any conflicts of interest that they may encounter at other firms. Another important person in Angelo’s financial career development was the late Roy K. Crispe. Angelo still carries Roy’s business card (laminated) to remind him of his valuable influence. When Angelo met Roy he was with a securities brokerage firm in Oak Brook.  Roy took Angelo under his wing. Angelo says that Roy told him, “to be like a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as I can from the various advisors at their firm”. Angelo took this advice to heart and has used the same business model in developing his own expert advisory team to serve client’s needs today. Angelo remembers, while growing up, spending some Saturdays working in his father’s business. Repeatedly he saw clients come in to pick up their alterations, try them on and see how they “perked” up with the positive change in their appearance. Angelo’s father would often tell his boys – always do the right thing for your clients and one day you will be a success; anything less and you won’t survive.

So what can Blue Diamond do for you?  According to Angelo, “We are all about your street, not Wall Street”. Blue Diamond Wealth offers the following services:

·         401(k) rollovers;

·         Corporate pension analysis and recommendations:

·         Financial and retirement planning;

·         Life insurance and annuities.

Blue Diamond Wealth uses a five step process that is tailored to meet each client’s personal financial objectives and goals:

1.      The first step in the process is to determine a client’s financial objectives;

2.      Next, they analyze and evaluate the client’s financial status;

3.      Then, client discussion of the proposed plan;

4.      Upon agreement, Blue Diamond moves forward with implementation and specific recommendations; and

5.      Ongoing performance review and adjustments to keep plan on target to meet goals.

Welcome to the Blue Diamond

 Blue Diamond has received recognition and awards over the years, including:  

·         2013 Daily Herald Business Ledger Annual Award for Business Excellence

·         2012 Darien Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year

·         2012 Darien Chamber of Commerce Professional Services Excellence Award

·         2011 Director's Club - Outstanding Client Service[i]

·         2008 Darien Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award[ii]

·         2007 Leader's Club - Waterstone Financial Group[iii]

·         2006 Leader's Club - Waterstone Financial Group[iv]

One of the definitions of mentor is “a trusted counselor or guide”. Angelo has had great mentors to help him create Blue Diamond Wealth Management. Together Blue Diamond’s team has the wisdom, experience and expertise to maintain and grow your personal wealth. Their office is located at 2871 83rd Street, Darien.

[i]award issued by LPL Financial based on revenues

[ii]based on nominations

[iii]award based on production

[iv]award based on production