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Neighbors of DuPage

Someone you should know

Jul 13, 2015 09:10AM ● By Katelyn Nelson

Jacqueline (Jax) Hartman

How does someone just 15 years old acquire such a deep passion for helping others? This was the question posed when Jacqueline (Jax) Hartman was nominated for this months “Good Neighbor.” Within minutes of talking to Jax it became very apparent of her burning passion to help others in her community. She beams with positivity and a drive for change–far beyond her years.

Her first experience with volunteerism was through her participation as a girl scout. She quickly found joy in the events that involved giving back to others. Through volunteerism she discovered she is a natural born leader. She was a member of the student council in elementary school and currently is active with leadership and volunteer programs through her high school.

Her past experiences have shaped her into a young adult with a passion to give to those in need. She grew up with two autistic cousins who taught her a strong sense of tolerance for those in need and cultivated a desire to find ways to give back. Jax currently works with four other teens on the Teen Board. Their purpose is to encourage teens to leave selfishness behind and give back to those who really need it. Jax hopes to show other teens the reward that comes with shifting focus off of themselves and onto someone else. Jaxstates “I always enjoy making a difference in people.”

Jax volunteers because she loves seeing the reactions of those helped and making them happy. She believes that other teens will find that same joy she finds through working with charitable organizations. She lives her life by the quote, “Do what makes you happy.” For Jacqueline that is bringing joy into the lives of others.

Jax is a sophomore and lives in Lisle with her parents and her younger sister. When she is not volunteering she enjoys spending time with her friends and neighbors and is a Varsity cheerleader at Naperville North High School. She spends time on the bike trails around town that remind her of her childhood and learning to ride a bike. At such a young age, Jax is not only an active member in her community but a force of empathy, caring and leadership for her generation.