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Neighbors of DuPage

Protect your home from flooding

Jul 10, 2015 01:53PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

A rain garden is a wonderful way to capture and absorb storm water and prevent it from pooling on your property. This garden is at the village hall.

§         Keep your gutters clean so that your downspouts direct water away from your foundation. Rain barrels can also be used to capture and re-use storm water.

§         Make sure newly planted landscaping or mulch allows storm water to drain properly and away from your home. Rain garden plants help absorb storm water, reducing the potential for pooling water on your property and are attractive and colorful throughout the season. 

§         Protect a low doorway or window well from storm water with new “sand less” sand bag products. Local home improvement stores and online retailers carry various products with names like Quick Dam, Floodsax, Hydrabarrier and Hydrasorber.

§         Keep grass clippings and debris out of local creeks, storm drains and drainage swales so they can function properly and allow water to flow through them. Village code prohibits dumping yard waste, trash or chemicals into waterways.

The village’s website contains extensive flood related information, including a link to monitor water levels in the East Branch of the DuPage River and St. Joseph’s Creek, which can provide helpful information during future storms, when water levels can rise quickly. To access, visit

Village staff is available to provide advice and answer your questions about flood control. Contact Village Storm Water Administrator Marilyn Sucoe at 630-271-4107 or