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Neighbors of DuPage

Meet your new Neighbors

Jul 08, 2015 10:18AM ● By Katelyn Nelson

Katie Nelson (left) and Janice Heinz (right)

All of us at Neighbors Magazines are very pleased to introduce two new members to our staff: Katie Nelson and Janice Heinz. Katie Nelson joins us as Community Editor. Janice Heinz has taken on the role of Production Director.

A senior at Aurora University, Katie will be helping us gather, write, edit and publish all the great news from our communities. When you submit your news to the Neighbors “Newsroom” Katie will be reviewing it and deciding where and when it will be published. With the introduction of our new Kane and DuPage County websites Katie will be able to help you get your message published more often.

Katie describes the path that life brought her down as a “nothing short of a blessing.” “In a few short years, my life has made leaps and bounds and brought me to a place I couldn’t have imagined—Neighbors Magazines.” Honestly, we didn’t pay her to say that.

She started her “writing career” on a Windows 95 computer her mother gifted her on her fifth birthday. Her childhood was filled with hours of writing fiction stories, poetry and playing “Word Zap.” She credits her love for writing to her mother, who was a single mother and small business owner until she was seven. Her adolescence was a time of “finding herself” amidst depression, insecurities, and fear.

In addition to writing, Katie absolutely loves to hula hoop (watch for more news and information about her hula hooping venture). She also is a freelance blogger and editor for several organizations.

Katie’s love for the Tri-Cities and her passion for helping others makes a welcomed and valuable addition to the Neighbors Magazine staff.

Janice manages the administrative end of the magazines. Janice attributes her organization and multi-tasking skills to her “experience as a former teacher and mother of four.” Janice is well versed in multi-tasking and thrives in a busy environment. Her ability to manage and organize is an asset to us here at Neighbors.

She handles many of the backend tasks and ensures that our staff, advertisers and readers are on the same page. When you contact Neighbors it will most likely be Janice on the other line, answering your questions.

Janice loves to exercise and enjoys long walks with her husband Roger and their yellow lab Nellie. In her spare time she can be found gardening in her yard, volunteering with the community and staying involved with her high school and college children and their many activities.

Janice makes a great addition to the Neighbors team and her strong organizational skills and experience helps to ensure that we are on track with our goals. She is a great addition to our team and we are grateful to have her on board.