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Inside the Darien Public School District #61

Jul 08, 2015 09:44AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Students enjoy the warm weather at Field Days at Mark DeLay School

Registration procedures for the 2015–2016 school year

Online registration for the 2015–2016 school year began on Mon., April 21. In order to register your child for next year you will need to follow these steps:

Go to this link:·

Enter your family login and password to enter Skyward. (Contact the District Office if you do not have a login and password.)

Click on Open Family Access.

In the center of the new window you will see Start Registration for 2015–16. Click on that box and begin the process.

Work through each step in the process and when you have finished a step click the “Step # has been completed” checkbox for that step.

When you finish all of the steps, click the “Complete registration” button.


Each step needs to be completed before moving to the next step to complete the process. Making a fee payment is optional, if you are paying with check or cash. To pay this way complete the process and either send a copy of the verification along with your check to your child’s school, or bring a copy of the verification along with cash to the District Office between 8am and 3:30pm Monday–Friday.

If you have questions or difficulties contact your child’s school office.

Preschool screening available

Darien Public Schools District #61 offers developmental preschool screening to provide early interventions for children between the ages of three through five that are suspected to have developmental delays or other handicapping conditions. Children experiencing significant risk factors in their environment but not at risk for a disability may be eligible for the Blended Preschool Program.

Children are screened in five areas: vision, hearing, language development, fine and gross motor and concept development. Children identified through the screening process are referred for a full evaluation to determine eligibility and program needs.

Children eligible for this screening must be three years of age by the screening date. Only children residing in Darien Public Schools District #61 will be screened.

Screening dates for the 2015–2016 year are:

·        Oct. 14, Dec. 9, Feb. 10, 2016, April 13, 2016

For more information about screening opportunities or to schedule a screening appointment, contact the building secretary at Mark DeLay School at 630-852-0200.

Retiring staff members were honored at a special presentation ceremony. From left, front row: Lorraine Adams, Jackie Gabryel, MaryAnn Mangiaguerra, Pam Throm, Dr. Robert Carlo. Back row: Donna Adams, Linda Gaeta, Janine Kiwiet, Mary Govertsen.

District #61 thanks retirees 

Congratulations to the following staff who retired from District #61 at the end of the school year.

Lorraine Adams began working in District #61 as a lunchroom worker at Mark DeLay School in 1992.  After a short time in food service Lorraine was hired as the technology aide at Mark DeLay School and has been in that position the rest of her time in District #61. During her 23 years of service she has impacted the lives of many children sharing her knowledge and learning on the job. Past evaluators have described Lorraine as, “a very kind and gentle lady who truly loves children; Mrs. Adams is flexible, cheerful, talented, and infinitely patient person.”

Linda Gaeta was hired in 1994 has a resource aide at Eisenhower Junior High. She spent the next 21 years working with junior high students assisting in any way possible to help make their experience successful. Past evaluators describe her as, “very knowledgeable and understanding of all students strengths and weaknesses, professional in all aspects of the job.”

Jackie Gabryel was originally employed in District #61 since 1992 as the lunch lady at Marion Hills School. She continued to work in the lunch program as the hostess providing meals for hundreds of children during her tenure. She has been at Lace School for the majority of the time with the district. Past evaluators indicate that Jackie is, “a dependable, take charge employee; a self-starter with many great ideas.”

MaryAnn Mangiaguerra began working in 1993 as the Food Service Director. Over her 22 years in District #61 she has brought about changes to the way students enjoy lunch. She was the person responsible for making sure the district had what was needed at the multiple sites and the queen of trouble shooting in the food service department. You could always count on MaryAnn to figure out how to make something happen and supported her staff. Past evaluators have described her as, “a person of high energy; well organized and dependable.”  

Pam Throm was hired as a half-day kindergarten aide at Fairview in 1993. She continued to work as an aide for students at all grade levels at Mark DeLay School, where she spent the remainder of her time in District #61. Past evaluators describe her as, “an invaluable member of the staff, someone who is always willing to help students, both academically and behaviorally.”

Managing pests

According to provisions of Public Act 91-0525 and Public Act 91-0099, the school will notify parents, guardians, and school employees two business days prior to pesticide applications on or in school property.  Antimicrobial agents, insecticide baits, and rodenticide baits are excluded from this notification requirement.  Currently the district only uses traps provided by Anderson Pest Control. Megan Stoltz, Chief School Business Official, is responsible for the oversight of pest management.

Dan Haggerty and
Dr. Robert Carlo pose
with one of four
donated CPR

 District #61 receives medical equipment grant

Through the National Automobile Dealers Association Foundation and sponsoring automobile dealership Haggerty GMC-Buick, Darien School District 61 received a Medical Equipment grant in the form of four CPR mannequins, with of a value of $850. This equipment will be used in junior high health classes, as well as CPR classes for staff.