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Neighbors of DuPage

DuPage Foundation shares highlights from “All For Arts”

May 28, 2015 12:26PM ● By Katelyn Nelson

WHEATON, Illinois—The DuPage Foundation recently completed an inventory of arts and cultural organizations in DuPage County as part of its All for Arts Study which it launched last year to investigate the viability of establishing a county-wide arts council in DuPage County. The study, which lasted approximately nine months, is part of a multi-pronged approach to gather information about the arts and cultural needs of DuPage County. Data was collected and analyzed about the current state of these organizations in the County related to their programming, audiences, finances, fundraising, and people resources. Cheryl Yuen, the All for Arts Study consultant and principal of Consulting for Creative Organizations, remarked on the significance of documenting the extensive and growing levels of arts and cultural activity here in DuPage. 

"This arts inventory is one of the first known attempts to develop a comprehensive profile of arts and cultural organizations and the extent of their offerings in DuPage County,” said Yuen. “It provides a benchmark for a building awareness of the remarkable level of artistic activity available to area residents and their impact on the County’s vitality—economically, socially and educationally." 

What follows is a summary of the findings: 

BACKGROUND Seventy-six organizations—51 arts organizations and 25 cultural organizations—from 23 communities participated in the arts inventory. An arts organization is defined as an entity whose mission focuses primarily on the arts. A cultural organization is defined as an entity whose mission is not directly focused on the arts, but uses arts activities to carry it out. 

 Arts Inventory/Add one 


 Among the 76 organizations, 66% provide music activities, 50% provide visual arts activities, and 42% provide theatre experiences.

 76% of arts organizations offer participatory activities (classes, workshops, lessons) or self-produced concerts, performances and plays. 

 During the past five years, 95% of organizations reported increased or no change in programming levels. 

 More than 90% of organizations collaborate with entities in and outside of the arts. 

ARTS INSIDERS During the past 12 months: 

 1,400* artists and arts groups were engaged by 72 organizations. 

 2,720* individuals volunteered for arts and cultural organizations. 

 350* individuals serve on 44 arts organization boards. AUDIENCES During the past 12 months: 

 1,595,940* participated in arts activities at 75 organizations (790,100 at arts organizations, 805,840 at cultural organizations.) 

 More than 85% of audience members attending arts and cultural organization activities come from DuPage County. 

During the past five years: 

 96% of arts organizations reported an increase or no change in public interest of their arts programming, of which at least 71% reported increased public interest.

 FINANCIALS In fiscal year 2013:

  26 arts organizations with reported expenses of more than $25,000 had combined budgets totaling -more- 

 Arts Inventory/Add two $

14.4 million.* 

 16 cultural organizations reported expenses of $2.23 million* on arts programming. 

During the past five years: 

 85% of organizations reported maintained or increased budgets of which about 50% reported increased budgets. 

 79% of arts organizations derived contributed income from DuPage County sources.

During the past year: 

 6,000* individuals contributed to 45 arts organizations. 

 The All for Arts Study was discussed by its advisory committee in April and a recommendation is being made to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees later this week with regard to proposed next steps. *Figures are estimated extrapolated from the low end of ranges used to collect data. 

About the DuPage Foundation 

 The DuPage Foundation seeks to raise the quality of life throughout DuPage County by fostering philanthropy, connecting donors to area needs and building community partnerships. Based on the American virtues of volunteerism and philanthropy, the Foundation fosters a legacy of support for the people of DuPage County by making grants to not-for-profit organizations working in the areas of arts and culture, education, environment, health, and human services. Since its inception, the Foundation has built its endowment to more than $63 million and awarded more than $21 million in grants to not-for-profit agencies serving the residents of DuPage County and beyond. 

 Established in 1986, the DuPage Foundation is a publicly-supported 501(c)(3) organization to which contributions are tax deductible. It was created to benefit the people of DuPage County and receives contributions and bequests into a permanent endowment from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations wishing to make lasting contributions to the people of DuPage. The earnings on these funds are then used, in accordance with donor wishes, for the Foundation’s grantmaking and community leadership -more- Arts Inventory/Add three activities. For more information about the Foundation, or to arrange future media opportunities, please contact Joelyn Kott, marketing & communications officer, at (630) 665-5556, extension 19, or