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Boosterthon fundraiser at Mark DeLay and Lace Schools—“Music Moves Me!”

May 28, 2015 09:04AM ● By Katelyn Nelson

The District #61 Community Rocks!! That’s the message for this year’s Boosterthon Fun Run at both Mark DeLay and Lace Elementary Schools in Darien—“Rock’n Town Live!” The goal of the DeLay/Lace PTA, is to raise $10,000 to update both of the school music programs.

Every student, in preschool through 5th grade, participates in music classes each week. Our music teachers, Ms. Sarah Elger at Mark DeLay and Mrs. Andrea Behegan at Lace, will be integral in coordinating purchases to support their curriculum. The district’s music curriculum follows the National Core Music Standards. In order to enhance the students’ learning, Ms. Elger and Mrs. Behegan have compiled a “wish list.” Some of the items that they have investigated include: (Wooden) Xylophone $600, Metallophone $300, Preschool Curriculum $160, Game Plan Curriculum for K–5th grade $1,000, adaptive instruments for both buildings, Bass Bar $450—this is similar to a xylophone but it’s one huge bar, Choir Chimes—similar to bells, $600 for 12; $1,900 for 37, Movement Props (scarves and rhythm ribbons) $100, song collections that are designed for students to sing at holiday time or spring program, to name a few. Both music teachers feel exceptionally fortunate to be in a district that has a designated class and space for music in each building. They are so grateful for all of the support from administration, parents and students. These supplies would help their students be successful with the rigor of the new standards.

The Boosterthon leaders will have us groovin’ to the tunes right from the start. This is our 2nd Annual Boosterthon and we know a little bit more of what to expect. This year’s message is clear: digital devices tend to keep students inside and isolated. The goal is to get students out and about within their community and make connections with others. EVERYONE has a voice and can make a difference!

This initiative has FIVE Community Challenges: (from their site)

• Plug in to serve: Serving others means putting someone else’s needs in front of your own. Volunteer in your community or serve your family by asking how you can help them.

• Amplify others: You have the power to make others stronger with your words. Pretend everyone has a power meter on them. Max out the meter with positive words.

• Listen for feedback: Parents and teachers have great feedback (helpful advice), giving you the opportunity to grow into the best person you can be. You just have to listen.

• Play hard: Whether you play a sport or an instrument, it’s important to exercise 60 minutes a day by playing hard and staying healthy.

• Thank your crowd: Your biggest fans are your parents and teachers. Say a giant, “THANK YOU,” for their endless support. Gratitude is a sign of great community.

There is an online component for parents to register donations for the students and Skylerts, our family email system, will go home to families to keep them updated on the event. For the students, it is more than just raising money for their school. It is about having fun with their friends and learning how to be a better friend to everyone in the community.

The event will be promoted schoolwide through its duration. Mrs. Kompare and Ms. Dwyer will give a shout out each morning during the announcements. Parents will have the option of making a one time flat donation, or pledge a certain amount per lap that their student will complete. All donations are appreciated!

Even if students aren’t able to make a monetary donation to the event, all students are able to participate in the fun run that will be held in May. DeLay and Lace will run on different days so parents of students in both buildings are able to cheer them on. There will be music blasting to motivate the runners and water breaks to stay hydrated. Teachers and staff will help to keep track of the laps that the students complete. All students and staff will receive a fun run t-shirt at no cost.

We would like to thank you for your continued support of this PTA initiative that was new to us last year. Your help is what makes this possible.

This fundraiser and its music will “move us” to earn money for our schools.

If you do not have students at the schools, but would like to make a donation, please contact either Mark DeLay (630-852-0200) or Lace (630-968-2589) for more information. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Mary Andersen is the Enrichment Specialist at Mark DeLay Elementary School

New technology ready for PARCC

This past March students in grades 3–8 took part in the State of Illinois’ new assessment, PARCC. PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. This new assessment took the place of our old Illinois Standard Achievement Test. The PARCC assessment is a computer-based test that assesses students’ abilities to think critically and apply their knowledge they have learned through the Common Core Standards taught within their classrooms. The students will take the PARCC assessment twice during the school year. The PBA (Performance Based Assessment) PARCC will be administered in March, while the EOY (End of Year) PARCC assessment will be administered in May.

The goal of the PARCC assessment is to give schools information that can be used to assist in improving instruction, while also assisting in meeting the needs of every student. The PARCC will equip parents with the knowledge of how their child is progressing academically over the course of their schooling.

During the past PBA PARCC assessment, students were asked to engage in texts and solve real-world problems. They were asked to write essays and answer questions that resembled high-quality instruction they see within the classroom. 

We in District 61 are very lucky to have a wonderful supply of technology at our fingertips. This technology is crucial, not only for the PARCC assessment, but also to allow students the experience of 21st Century Learning on a daily basis. Because of the technology available to the students, they were very successful as they embarked on the testing this Spring.

We are very proud of the hard work that students put forth during the testing period. The students truly tried their best as we embarked on the new assessment. It is always difficult to begin something new, but the students jumped in and were quite successful during their testing periods. We are anxiously awaiting the results.