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City of Darien News

May 26, 2015 11:38AM ● By Katelyn Nelson

Private Video Registry Program

The one certain way of defeating criminal behavior is to be proactive and take full advantage of the partnerships and other relationship that we are able to forge within our community. The Darien Police Department is seeking your participation in a program utilizing current technology.

The program works as follows: Any private citizen or commercial business that possesses a video surveillance system would register the system with the Darien Police Department. In the event that an incident occurred near your neighborhood or place of business, we would search the registry for anyone who had registered a surveillance system near the incident. A member of the Darien Police Department would then contact you to determine if your video surveillance system captured any images of the incident. If so, with your permission we would download your images and inventory them in order to facilitate prosecution.

Each interested citizen or business owner should contact the Darien Police Department Crime Analyst. Stacy Sherman, and provide your name, address, phone number and if your system has any external view of your property. Analyst Sherman will log your information into our data base. You would only hear from the Darien Police Department if an incident occurred near your residence. If you have video surveillance, we would request permission to view and download it for evidentiary and apprehension purposes.
Hopefully we have gotten you interested in partnering with the Darien Police Department in this collaborative initiative to fight crime! You can register for this program on our website at, or by contacting Stacey Sherman at 630-353-8145, or via e-mail at

Senior Services

There are many services and programs available to Darien Senior Citizens. The following are some services available through the City of Darien, Downers Grove Township, DuPage County, and the State of Illinois:

Darien Police Department Senior Service Officers:

Officer Lauren Renner or
Officer Marina Liska
or call 630-852-5000

File of Life:

Available at the township office 4340 Prince St. in Downers Grove. A $1 donation is requested.



Home Maintenance:

For more information please call: 630-620-0804

Meals on Wheels: 

DuPage County meals on Wheels at 630-620-0804


630-682-7000 ask for Para-Transit Services

Subsidized Taxi Services:

Please contact Darien City Hall for further details and information at 630-852-5000

State of Illinois Circuit Breaker:

Call the Secretary of State's office at 800-252-8980 for more information

Real Estate Tax Relief:

Call the Downers Grove Township office to see if you qualify for an application 630-968-2100

Building permit fees waived

The Darien City Council has approved a resolution to continue for the third year in a row to waive certain building permit fees. The goal is to encourage home improvements and provide a financial incentive to those residents that are planning home projects. The proposal waives the building permit fee for residents and business/property owners. Permits must still be obtained, and fees paid to outside vendors necessary to ensure the safety of the project are still applicable. Below is an example of permits that will have permit fees waived now thru April, 2016. For more information please call the Building Department at 630-353-8115.
  • Air Conditioner Replacement
  • Deck
  • Demolition
  • Driveways/Sidewalks
  • Fence
  • Landscape
  • Lawn Sprinkler
  • Patio
  • Roof
  • Shed
  • Parking Lots

2015 Street Maintenance Program

The Mayor and City Council recently approved the 205 Street Resurfacing Program. This year's program includes approximately 4.5 miles of roadways throughout the city. The City of Darien is anticipating that construction will be starting early May. Our goal is to improve the streets with little inconvenience to the residents. Residents living on these streets will receive flyers with information to the residents. Residents living on these streets will receive flyers with information and timelines before the paving occurs. Progress information will also be available through the city's website,, Direct Connect, Facebook, the cable channel or by contacting the Municipal Services Department at 630-353-8105.

2015 Concrete Replacement Program

In conjunction with the street replacement program, the City of Darien will again offer reduced pricing to residents interested in replacing their sidewalks, driveways and aprons. Suburban Concrete was awarded the bid for 2015. The prices are as follows:

Driveways.................................................$6.95 per square foot

Sidewalks..................................................$4.33 per square foot

Apron w/fiber mesh..............................$4.47 per square foot

Curb & gutter.......................................$13.95 per lineal foot

Sealer......................................................... $1.25 per square foot

 Resident wishing to replace their driveways should call Suburban Concrete directly at 847-837-8805, and inform them you are a Darien resident. Suburban Concrete will invoice you for the work. Residents wishing to replace the sidewalk, apron or depress their driveway curb should call City Hall at 630-353-8102. The city will invoice you for this work. The deadline to participate in this year’s program is July 3.

Please don't place branches out too early

Each year the City of Darien receives numerous calls about branches left in the parkway for brush pickup. While the City of Darien chips branches for residents, if they are put out too early they look unsightly next to the road and if left on the grass could cause damage to the lawn. We ask that you keep your brush away from the street and find an area in the backyard until the next pickup. The brush may be placed at the curb the weekend prior to the pickup date. You may also drop off the brush at the Public Works Facility located at 1041 South Frontage Rd. Your help in keeping Darien “A Nice Place to Live” is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please call Municipal Services at 630-353-8105.