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Neighbors of DuPage

A message from the Publisher of Neighbors of Lisle

May 26, 2015 09:10AM ● By Katelyn Nelson

Can a magazine change your life? I believe this issue can. Not in an “I-won-the-lottery” sort of way, but in dozens of everyday ways that make life easier, better and more fun! Our Lisle Park District provides a variety of leisure activities for people of all ages throughout the year. Perhaps you’re enjoying this magazine when you should be researching car insurance policies. No need to feel guilty. Snatches of downtime are critical to keeping your mind fresh.

I can totally chill. Just ask anyone who knows me—no, better yet, don’t. They’ll tell you “lies.” They’ll say I’m always on the move, always busy doing something, conditioned to doing two things at once; or more! Well, maybe they offer a grain (or mountain) of truth. If age brings wisdom, then the passing years have shown me that constant motion that I don’t often acknowledge. And I don’t relish noting it because deep down I think I know how to chill. However, I had pause to think about this when reading Dr. Edward Hallowell’s book, Crazy Busy, about our world in which we are “over-stretched, overbooked and about to snap.” OK, I’m not at that level, but I do see it around me. I see it in my family and my friends. It’s on the news and heaped on us in ever-expanding doses in our instant world. Hallowell calls it: “the rush, the gush, the worry and the blather.” The rush is the turbocharged speed of life today; the gush is email, voicemail, constant communication; the worry is at epidemic proportions (maybe from all the communication); and the blather—the words, images, numbers and noises rolling over us all the time. This informative book ends with ten principles for managing modern life. Number one is all I’m citing: “Do what matters to you most.” Could it get any simpler than that?

It’s summer—this particular few months won’t come your way again. Sure, there will be another summer, but not THIS summer. Don’t waste it. Join me in chilling...hit the golf course, hit the parks, hit the pool, hit the walking trail, enjoy the fitness center…do anything but push the fast-forward button. Don’t wait to chill, get playful, check out everything our local Park District has to offer to everyone! It’s an alfresco world—enter in. Everything else will wait. Honest.

There is a variety of inspiring stories about community and someone you should know in this issue that will be well worth re-reading on Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June. We hope you spend some quality moments with these amazing stories and photos focusing on recreation in Lisle. If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you. Please call 630-222-3403 to leave a message or e-mail


Best wishes for a memorable Memorial Day,

Bruce Povalish and Paula Gleason