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Detail Your Car Like a Pro

May 11, 2015 03:58AM ● By Family Features
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(Family Features) As warmer weather approaches, car lovers are eager to raise the garage doors and get behind the wheel to experience the thrill of the open road. Keeping your car in top condition lets you enjoy those moments to the fullest.

“Choosing the right products for detailing and restoration can really make a difference when preserving your vehicle,” said Craig Jackson, Barrett-Jackson chairman and chief executive officer. “When you’re giving your car a full detail or even just a quick touch-up, you want to feel confident that your vehicle is protected and looks its best. Now you can bring the million dollar look of Barrett-Jackson home.”

Whether it’s an older model you’ve lovingly restored or a more contemporary vehicle you want to keep looking like a million dollars, these tips will help maintain the appearance (and value) of your vehicle so you’re ready to roll in style.


A thorough cleaning will help shed accumulated dirt and sediment from a harsh winter, especially for a vehicle that is driven year round. Give special attention to the undercarriage, where potentially destructive materials such as salt can become trapped and corrosive. Even if your car is garaged for the winter, a wash is a good starting place to rinse away dust and start the season fresh.

Tires send a strong message about your vehicle. Brake dust, grime and dirt can give your car a dull and aged appearance, so take time to scrub not only the tires themselves, but also the wheels and surrounding carriage. Add shine with a water-based spray formula that contains silicone emulsions to penetrate the rubber.

Finish with a wax that gives an extra element of shine while protecting the finish in between washes. Barrett-Jackson’s Rapid Detailer and Liquid Wax Kit, which includes Liquid Wax, applicator pad and microfiber towel, provides a deep, wet shine with no residue and long-lasting durability. Formulated with hydrophobic polymers and genuine carnauba wax, it works on all exterior surfaces including plastic, rubber and trim.

In addition to using quality detailing products, it’s also important to make sure you have the right car care accessories as well. Use a sponge or cleaning mitten that’s made for washing cars instead of an old rag. When applying wax, its best to use an applicator pad, or even better, buy a wax kit that includes one. Using a microfiber towel is great for buffing off wax or polishing interior and will not leave the lint typical of a cotton towel.  


Even if you’re meticulous about your car’s interior, odds and ends still find their way into crevices and under seats. Take a few moments to clear debris and then vacuum all over to remove any smaller particles.

An important aspect of keeping the interior looking new and healthy is replacing the moisture depleted by the sun’s harsh glare. One good option is a premium three-in-one product such as Barrett-Jackson Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, which contains glycerin moisturizers to clean, moisturize and protect leather. It can be used on leather and trim, and provides UV protection to help prevent fading, cracking and discoloration.

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