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UV and You

Mar 02, 2015 03:02AM ● By Family Features
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Most people aren’t aware that the sun can do damage to their eyes when they are unprotected from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye and damage is cumulative over time, so it’s imperative for everyone – from young kids to grandparents – to take the necessary steps to protect their eyes. Wearing sunglasses is an easy way to shield the eyes while outdoors, but it’s important to look beyond the choices in frames and find sunglasses with lenses that offer the best UV protection.

E-SPF®, or Eye Sun Protection Factor, is a global index created by Essilor International that rates the overall UV protection clear and sunglass lenses provide for the eyes versus going without eyewear.

Varied degrees of protection
Lenses with an E-SPF index of 50+ means your eyes are 50 times more protected than they are without wearing lenses at all. The index ranges from zero to 25 for clear corrective lenses and from zero to 50+ for polarized sunglass lenses.

Finding the right shades
To better protect your eyes from harmful UV rays outdoors look for sunglasses that offer the following:

  • Lenses with an E-SPF index of 50+
  • Large, close-fitting wrap-around frames to reduce exposure to rays coming from around the lenses
  • Polarized lenses – adds protection by reducing glare reflecting off of water, asphalt, windows and snow

Many people are not aware they can also get their eyewear prescription in sun lenses, and a majority of people don’t know there are options for lenses beyond the ones already in the frame. Xperio UV™ superior polarized lenses provide users with comprehensive UV protection on both the front and backside of the lenses and reduce the amount of glare from reflective surfaces. Xperio UV lenses have an E-SPF index rating of 50+ and deliver maximum scratch resistance and cleanability.

From everyday activities to outdoor sports and recreation, your eyes deserve protection from harmful sun exposure. To learn more about protective eyewear for any season, including Xperio UV polarized sunglasses, visit

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